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About Us

About Us

Phytomed Research Foundation have gained enough expertise in research, development, as well as marketing of the scientifically sound and research-based dietary supplements, herbal remedies, and ayurvedic patent drugs. Headquartered at Cochin along its production facilities, we develop, manufacture and market products based on its bio-availability, safety, and documentation.
We have succeeded to establish a wide operational network all over India. We have also set a stage to buy authentic ayurvedic medicine products for customers all around the globe. You can also enjoy the freedom of buying  Kerala Ayurvedic medicines online with utmost reliability and security. Enjoy an online Ayurvedic store with authentic products at the freedom of your home. Buying herbal products online was never so easier before! Ensuring the authenticity of each and every product we manufacture and market, we have easily outshined the competitions in the field. Phytomed has evolved into the most reliable ayurvedic online partner for people irrespective of their location.
Our branded products are proudly represented in the Middle East and Other GCC countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and in the rapidly expanding markets of Southeast Asia, Russia and Poland. Phytomed’s research database contains more than 500 scientific studies. This includes all the studies conducted with Phytomed Research Foundation’s own preparations. The database is the cornerstone of the entire product development.

Der verzicht auf künstlichen dünger, herbizide und pestizide hat letztendlich eine verbesserung der grundwasserqualität zur folge.

Our Vision

To establish PRF as a research based company using core ethical values of Ayurveda, developing new Herbal products for the nutritional and therapeutic purposes for the effective treatment of human diseases which are creating havoc in the society. To make entry of PRF into Ayurvedic & Herbal Food Supplement for making Somany verities of Ayurvedic Patent Medicines, Single Drugs,Herbal Antacids & Stress management & BP management, Herbal Teas, Memory Enhancing Jam etc., which can cure so many ailments and in the near future to give new dimensions to human health.

Our Mission

To establish health care business into the area where it is untouched for the time being, to make strong, everlasting penetration in the world market. To establish PRF as the competitive well recognized and respected company in the health care market.

Our other area of facilitation:
We provide bulk drugs for the manufacturer as per their requirements.

Locate Us

Phytomed Research Foundation
111/1V, Paniyeli P.O, Perumbavoor,
Ernakulam Dist, Kerala.
Pin - 683546

Contact Info : +91 6282 607677

About PRF

We develop, manufacture and market scientifically well founded dietary supplements, herbal remedies and Ayurvedic patent drugs based on optimal bio-availability, safety and documentation

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